Omni Channel Management Solution

focus on physical and online store sales with less effort with integrated web-based mobile solutions

Manage all your marketplaces in one platform 

Connect your business to favorite places like Lazada, Qoo10, and eBay can now be a jolt to expand your sales channels. Now, consider connecting these markets to your web shop, self-service desk, POS, and call centre to offer a full view when your sales roll in. Manage all your leads and sales sources with ease through the Omni Channel Management App.

Unifies stock management for optimal stock

For each sales item and channel, the inventory is monitoring, transferring and refilling automatically. Maintaining a precise inventory for all markets and sales channels enables better customer experience while optimizing operational efficiency. With this business app it is possible to manage stock operators/staff off site, making it simple and easy to manage stock.

Delivery, invoicing, accounting, and reporting all combined in one

To update in real-time all backend features to ensure that they are flawless, smoother, and faster reconciliation.

Michelle Goh - Logistic Manager
Michelle Goh - Logistic Manager
AK Trading Pte Ltd
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A very dedicated and specialized team of advisors who meet the accounting requirements of small and medium-sized companies. For any SME that looks for reliable business solutions, i would highly recommend them. Thumbs up!

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