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Inventory Warehouse Management System to drive supply chain

This solution consists of a set of procedures, technology, and processes that enable you to easily maintain and monitor your inbound and outbound stock levels. It provides businesses with a bird's-eye view of the entire supply chain.

With an inventory management system, you'll have a good idea of how much inventory you have, how to manage it, and where it's located. As a result, you won't have to deal with issues like excess or low inventory, restricted cash flow, or wastages.



With inventory warehouse management system, you can accomplish the following:


Increased Productivity


Cost Saving


Picking Efficiency



Step 1

Conceptualize Inventory Control

Examine your daily activities to organize and improve your process by getting an up-to-date count of all products with Barcode/QR Code labeling and easily controlling them in multiple sources

Step 2

Multiple Warehouse & Location Management

Manage goods effectively and automate routes to manage multiple locations and cross docking operations for total traceability, ensuring that your inventory is managed efficiently and saving time.

Step 3

Automate Order Management

From purchase to sale of your product. Calculate your landed cost to avoid costly stock outs, consolidate your sales, and understand your gross margins.

Step 4

Suppliers/ Purchase Order Management

Automate your process from order and approval to receiving and storing, labeling and packing, lots and status tracking and picking, and providing a real-time history overview. Enable order replenishment automation.

Step 5

Sales Order & Customer Portal

Integrated with inventory to manage quotes, sales orders, delivery orders, and E-sign acknowledgement. Customers can view quotes, sales orders, and track deliveries through an online portal.

Step 6

Landed Costs & Cost Distribution

Always know the exact cost of your inventory, including landed costs. This aids in providing accurate financial reporting of figures, taxes, and compliance.

Inventory visibility that delivers

How IT Surewerks improves your inventory management system


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