The All In One Tool You Need In Presentations

IT SUREWERKS is proud to introduce the best asset in your meetings and discussions. You can deliver fantastic presentations, organized discussions, or even impromptu brainstorming sessions with interactive smart boards.

It enables you to view, interact with, annotate, save, and share your digital content in a variety of situations. Without a doubt, a necessary tool for meetings that promotes collaboration and participation in the workplace.

wireless presentation interactive smart board

Bring Flexibility Into Your Video Conferences

Create, share, edit meeting presentations in real-time with multiple people.

Even better, teams can participate remotely and you can see ongoing discussions in real-time.

Keep Your Team Engaged

Corporate meeting rooms, agile offices, collaborative classrooms- or even on your mobile. 

All to encourage innovative, engaging, hands-on collaboration.

wireless presentation interactive smart board

Works Seamlessly With All Your Current Collaboration Tools

Powered by Windows 10, OnePanel integrates whiteboard capture and content management intuitively with your favourite apps on Windows.

Why Choose Interactive Smart Boards?

Today’s digital workplace requires faster and more efficient communication. Encourage real-time collaboration at your office with our interactive whiteboards.

Connect your laptop or mobile device to use your preferred business apps with Windows® 10 based controller. Reduce travel expenses and increase efficiency by connecting multiple devices simultaneously in various locations.

Designed For Businesses

Premium quality interactive panels exclusively designed for business

Effortless Collaboration ​

Switch with a tap, from showing a video to writing on a whiteboard to surfing the internet

Multi-User Collaboration

Have multiple people write, erase and move notes at the same time

Future-Proofing Your Business

Remote work is here to stay, and long-term growth will require more digitalization

Device Compatibility​

Works with all sorts of iOS®, Windows® and Android™ devices, you can easily share screens

Guest Friendly

No setup/configuration is required for guest users

Transform Your Meeting Room Now

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